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“HeadStart” on Developmental Health in Youth; from Low Income Families

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The National Head Start Association is instrumental in providing underprivileged children with health care and services
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According the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, developmental health issues are more prevalent among minority children that live at, or below, the poverty line.

Historically, mental health research in America was established and normalized on a Caucasian and European based population, excluding the importance of understanding racial & ethnic groups, as well as their beliefs, traditions, and values. Results of such exclusion have a massive impact on Americans of different cultural makeup.

Organizations with an ethnic and cultural conscience are combating the institutionalized disadvantages of minorities. The Office of Minority Health (OMH), is an organization whose main objective is “to improve health and healthcare outcomes for racial and ethnic minority communities by developing or advancing polices, programs, and practices that address health, social, economic, environmental and other factors which impact health.”

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With 40% of Californian's lacking health care, how many children are suffering from lack of medicare?  Photo Courtesy of:

With 40% of Californian’s lacking health care, how many children are suffering from lack of medicare?
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Acknowledging that there are developmental health issues facing children from low-income families, is a step in the right direction. A program in place that is proven to make a positive impact is the National Head Start Association or NHSA. With a mission statement that strives to achieve such feats as helping to create “healthier, empowered children and families as well as more vibrant communities”, NHSA will help combat early health indicators in all enrolled youth.

NHSA has resources offering guidance on how to design and manage mental health services, as well as coordinate services with community mental health agencies. Parents with children enrolled in the “Head Start” program can take advantage of services like Early Mental Health Consultation and Social and Emotional Development workshops. Screening and assessment is available for children who may be demonstrating high-risk behaviors. The nation-wide organization has locations spread throughout the San Fernando Valley.


HealthCare Re-Form: Future Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

Emmanuel Reid

Healthcare reform as a concept can seem a bit daunting, what exactly does it mean? How will things change? It is important to understand the healthcare system in place in order to fully conceptualize what changes are to come. With the Supreme Court ultimately deeming the Affordable Care Act as a constitutional reform to America’s health care, change is inevitable. Natasha Lare is a health service provider that has reform on the mind.  Her vision for the future is more reliant on preventative care and integrative medicine. The Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality, an initiative from the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, gave me a clear definition of exactly what integrative healthcare is:

”…the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with evidence based medicine”.


Graduate nursing student [Natasha Lare] helping her local community at flu shot clinic.
Photo: Emmanuel Reid.

Natasha’s approach seems to be a trend among the wave of new healthcare professionals. With institutions like UCLA’s Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine  and Dr. Andrew Weil’s Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine  it is apparent that healthcare is heading in a new direction.

“We’re managing disease processes at the end of the process…versus teaching them how to prolong their lives before disease develops.”

Knowledge is power and diagnosing a problem is the first step to recovery. This being said, it’s encouraging to know that with such drastic change for the future our healthcare providers are using the momentum to shape a more holistic healthcare culture.

Preventative Health


Preventative health care is a solid method to establish and maintain a healthy life-style. With backing from the Affordable Care Act, this concept of preventative health care may seem foreign to many, ultimately it means taking preventative measures when approaching one’s health. According to the US National Library of Medicine there is a four-tiered preventive classification system in place: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Prevention. The U.S. Institute of Medicine, the NIDA and the European Monitoring Centre all use this classification system. Primary prevention involves methods to avoid occurrence of disease. Most population-based health promotion efforts are of this type. Secondary prevention involves methods to diagnose and treat disease in early stages before it causes significant morbidity. Tertiary prevention involves methods to reduce negative impact of extant disease by restoring function and reducing disease-related complications. Finally Quaternary prevention involves methods to mitigate or avoid results of unnecessary or excessive interventions in the health system.
The Agency for Health Research and Quality brings insight on prevented health for those that have Internet access this website is very user friendly and can also be translated from English to Spanish. The service that is provided is essential for human service, especially for those who are not able to help themselves. Having the symptoms of possible disease and injuries make it much easier to look up and find out what is going on with your body.
The clinical information that is given by this website is very helpful for those who want to find out what precautionary steps to take in case they cannot make it to the hospital that very second. The browse for information feature allows you to choose from a list of subject area of interest in alphabetical order. From AIDS, dental Health, and minority Health. has a clinical section, which allows the reader to look at reviews to further educate yourself. The what’s new feature on the website stays up to date in the newest news, reports, clinical information, consumer & patients, funding opportunities, data & survey and research finding. helps to put out funding information for people to look and also see if their cause in the medical field can have funding assistance.

The location of Agency for the Healthcare Research and quality office of communication and knowledge transfer is located at 540 Gaither Road, suite 200 Rockville, MD 20850. The inquire number is (301)427-1104.­

by Manny Reid and Jesus Araujo